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Neige is super happy, he plays a lot with his little pots of colors, he has fun moving them and throwing them

Quickly adopted

My rabbit being free in the house, I was looking for a solution to no longer have litter shavings everywhere. I came across this litter which seemed like a good idea. Well really not disappointed. I finally have a clean floor and a happy rabbit. For the first day I put some soiled litter so she could understand and get her bearings. We rearranged her area because she likes to eat when she is in her litter box. Perfect harmony.

Llama Hammock

Poupette immediately went to see this strange platform but she adopted it. Now will she sleep on it, that's the whole question. Very nice product thank you.

Forest cabin

Very nice spacious cabin. Flocon goes there from time to time for the moment. He doesn't stay too long, he puts his scent there.


My little Gus immediately understood the principle…. Barely put back in place when the pots fly in all directions! But sometimes he removes them one after the other meticulously. He loves it and I love seeing him happy!!

Beautifully practical and tasty

Great puzzle rug allowing it to be adapted to the room except that our Madame Panpan has already devoured it in lots of places. It doesn't look very good anymore but in terms of maintenance and comfort the best of the best so I recommend it for hands that don't nibble everything they find

Great rug

ordered this rug because my rabbit's old rug (a basic short-pile rug) was damaged and my Danny had gotten into it well. This rug is great, the quality is top notch, it seems very durable, soft on the paws (plus my rabbit only has 3 legs!) he loves it, happily lies down on it, doesn't try to touch it snack.. It's pretty as anything.. I recommend this rug 100%


My little Flocon goes there from time to time to wash himself and take little naps when we are there. Very good product of very good quality and very beautiful

We like to crunch the carpet and make small pieces of it but our master likes it less. He built us a castle by fitting them together and we sleep all day in it.

Rabbit Castle
Dorsy M.
Great !

Great, the castle is splendid, the only downside is that there are no instructions for setting it up. I know it may seem stupid but personally I had a hard time putting it together. Otherwise, there's nothing to complain about, Ulysses adores it and never leaves it, as soon as he got on it, he was already on it. I haven't seen him all afternoon! He skulls 🤣

Great rug

The carpet is magnificent, it serves as the basis of the enclosure for my rabbit who happily lies down on it from time to time! It washes very well 🙂


My rabbit goes on it regularly, it is aesthetically pleasing.

I think my rabbit hasn't yet understood the concept but it will come 🤣 The carpet is very refreshing and of good quality! The terry towel supplied with it became very stiff from the first use (maybe I'm doing it wrong). My rabbit has already nibbled a piece of the mat, I'm disgusted given the price but it's a good investment in these hot weather! In conclusion, if I had to buy it again I would because it is fresher than the mats you can find in pet stores. I'm taking one star off for the price which I find a little high but I understand with inflation etc. In addition it arrived well packaged and vacuum packed. Let's see what happens over time! 🙂

Finally a non-toxic mat

Really great and well thought out rug! Stays cool and my rabbit lies down in it. Just great and keeps things fresh.

Best rug ever

My partner and I had difficulty finding a good mat for our rabbits. And we came across this site! The mat we just bought has nothing to do with our old ones, it is comfortable, the ideal size for our enclosure and the color is very beautiful! My rabbits are delighted in their luxury enclosure 😁


Easy to assemble and clean! The only downside is that my rabbit nibbles on it...

Mats for rabbits
Laurence H.

My rabbit suffering from pododeitis due to tiles, balatum I bought this carpet it is perfect. My rabbit likes to lounge in it and he doesn't eat it like the others. My veterinarian even asked me the name of your site for clients

Very useful collar after the sterilization of my rabbit. Very happy with this product. However, I recommend that you order in advance.

Non-slip rabbit mat
Nathalie C.
Great !

I am super happy with my purchase. My little ones love this rug! Super quality, very non-slip, I recommend it for all rabbit owners.

Superb teepee

Very easy to assemble! Made perfectly as shown in the photo. Very cute teepee, nothing to complain about!

Magnificent rug

Magnificent rug and super practical! My rabbit adopted it immediately. super convenient to clean. I recommend this product without hesitation! A rug perfectly suited for my Tina.

Good tunnel

Great tunnel, my rabbit loves to squeeze through it. He also loves to lie there. The tunnel is not noisy, great for my ears. Another good product.

Nice teepee

Very pretty teepee. Easy to assemble. My rabbit is already won over 😉 I recommend it. Thank you My dwarf rabbit

Very nice teepee

The teepee is very beautiful. It doesn't take up too much space. In addition, it is easy to assemble. My rabbit Chocomel has already made a few visits 😉 I recommend.


My little bunny loves this game

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