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Rabbit tunnel toy for rabbits
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Rabbit tunnel : foldable with multiple openings

The rabbit tunnel foldable is a play accessory that comes in the shape of the letter “Y”. There is an opening at each end in addition to an opening that comes on top. Your pet will surely love this toy for rabbit set, as his animal instincts will tell him that this rabbit tunnel system strongly resembles a burrow. He will be able to run inside, hide, go out through one of the openings… Just like in a burrow!

folding rabbit tunnel

This type of toy rabbits promotes the well-being of your pet. The more your rabbit plays with it, the happier and more fulfilled it will be.

Also, since this rabbit tunnel is collapsible, even when you’re on the go, you can easily take it with you in your suitcase.

rabbit tunnel

About Rabbit toys

The folding rabbit tunnel is certainly a rabbit toy… But not only that! These types of rabbit toys promote the development and well-being of your pet. A bunny tunnel offers a multitude of play possibilities for your faithful companion. He will love to run around in it like a madman.

toy for rabbits tunnel

With this rabbit toy accessory, the little rascal will be able to go in and out through the 4 openings of the tunnel, he will also be able to take refuge there if he is afraid. All these activities will make him exercise, and will allow him to keep in shape. You can also participate in the game by pretending to want to catch him, or by moving a treat he likes through this tunnel for rabbits. Your little bunny will love his new pet toy every time.

More details:

  • Materials: Waterproof fabric
  • Foldable and easy to move

rabbit tunnel