Mats for rabbits


  • Non-slip mat
  • Improves rabbit well-being
  • Prevents pododermatitis
Rabbit playmat
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Mats for rabbits, the essential accessory for your pet

Every rabbit owner knows how important the well-being of their companion is. Our Mats for rabbits is the essential element to enrich their living space. 🐰💗
Designed especially for them, this rabbit floor mat is the perfect addition to their enclosure or dedicated space. With its charming design, dotted with rabbits, flowers and carrots, it will bring a touch of cheerfulness to your home while providing a cosy place for your little treasure. 🐰💕It’s a must-have to ensure your rabbit flourishes!

Anti-slip rabbit mat

By integrating this bunny mat into your rabbit’s play area, you’ll provide him with a secure landmark and a place to rest after happy antics. The non-slip surface of this rabbit play mat ensures perfect stability, even when your rabbit is playing hard! It stays firmly in place, preventing slips and falls that could cause minor injuries. Your rabbit can frolic, rest or simply observe his kingdom with serenity, on our special rabbit mat which remains fixed and welcoming. 🏡💖 🌼✨

A floor recommended by vets

The health of your rabbit’s feet is a serious matter. Varying floor surfaces is crucial to prevent the risk of pododermatitis, a common ailment in domestic rabbits. Our Mats for rabbits is the perfect ally to avoid this kind of inconvenience, offering a soft, suitable surface. For rabbits already affected, it provides a suitable comfort area to soothe their fragile paws and help them in their recovery.🐾🌱

mat for rabbits

As a play and relaxation area, the rabbit mat blends harmoniously with your rabbit’s litter box, feeding bowls and hut, creating a coherent environment full of charm. And don’t worry, after washing at 30°C, this mat retains all its non-slip properties. 🧼🌟


  • Colors: Light green with rabbit motif
  • Materials: Soft cotton fabric
  • Size: Available in 3 different sizes
  • Easy care
  • Anti-slip
  • Anti pododermatitis

floor mat for dwarf rabbits

Discover our collection of rabbit mats, perfect for your little companion’s comfort, for a pleasant, suitable play or rest area.

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