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Carrot rabbit bowl

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carrot rabbit bowl
Carrot rabbit bowl 24,90  Original price was: 24,90 €.19,90 Current price is: 19,90 €.
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Rabbit lovers

A practical and stylish carrot rabbit bowl

The carrot rabbit bowl is a useful bowl for bunnies that allows you to maintain a healthy and clean diet for your furry pet.

This rabbit accessory is designed to help you distribute the appropriate amount of food for each meal, which can help prevent obesity and other health problems associated with overfeeding.

Using this rabbit food bowl can also help protect your rabbit from diseases by preventing them from eating directly off the ground. With this rabbit feeder, you can reduce food waste while keeping your little companion safe from potential diseases and infections.

The perfect daily bowl for your bunny

This carrot rabbit bowl comes in the shape of a carrot and is available in four colors: brick, pink, light pink, and green. Its medium size and deep design add a chic touch to your furry friend’s enclosure, giving them a fixed location for their food. Whenever they hear their bunny bowl move, they’ll know it’s time to eat.

Carrot rabbit bowl

Made of hard plastic, this bunny feeder is effortless to clean and requires no special maintenance or cleaning products. This rabbit feeder will improve your beloved bunny’s comfort in their enclosure or outside, preventing food from spilling everywhere.

Rabbit feeder Carrot


  • Material: Hard plastic
  • Size: 28cm x 17cm
  • Model: Carrot
  • Color: Brick Orange

Rabbit feeder Carrot size