Rabbit bed in woven grass


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natural bed for rabbits
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A rabbit bed in woven grass for his comfort

The rabbit bed in woven grass is a round basket, woven and made of rattan. This solid bed for rabbits has a removable, ultra-soft cushion that can be easily removed and maintained. This practical rabbit basket is ideal for long naps with your long-eared friend. He’ll love lounging in it for hours. In addition, the bunny bed inside is made of fleece; the favourite fabric of rabbits. 😊

rabbit bed natural

This type of fabric allows your rabbit to snuggle up and feel like it’s on a cloud. This indoor rabbit bed will give your pet a real feeling of happiness and well-being.
In addition, its design will fit in with your interior. This way, your bun will have its own basket, even in the middle of the living room, without it looking out of place.

A multifunctional rabbit accessory

More than just a natural rabbit bed, this bed also has a rabbit scratching post at the bottom of the basket. As you may have noticed, buns love to scratch. Therefore, by removing the removable bed, your little furball can enjoy the bunny scratching post.

scratching post rabbit

And that’s not all!

This bed for rabbits is made of rattan, which is 100% natural woven grass. Your pet bun will be able to chew on the basket without any worry or risk of danger. Indeed, bunnies love to chew and nibble on different objects, it’s one of their favourite pastimes.

In short, with this multi-functional rattan nest, your rabbit will find everything it needs to sleep, snuggle, scratch or chew without any danger. Once the scratching post for rabbits is worn out, you can replace it by adding an additional scratching post to your order.

More details:

  • Materials: Natural woven grass (rattan) + Cardboard (scraper) + Soft fabric (bed)
  • Size: 42 x 15cm
  • Removable
  • Contents: 1 Basket of natural material + 1 Soft cushion + 1 Scraper


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