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Toy for rabbit Stacking cups

Original price was: 24,90 €.Current price is: 19,90 €.

  • Rabbit toy
  • Fights boredom in rabbits
  • Develops rabbit intelligence
  • Preserves mental  health

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Rabbit toy Stacking cups
Toy for rabbit Stacking cups 24,90  Original price was: 24,90 €.19,90 Current price is: 19,90 €.
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Toy for rabbit Stacking cups : fun and interactive

This toy for rabbit Stacking cups is a great toy to keep your rabbit entertained. Buns love to play, look for and sniff things, so this cheap rabbit toy is perfect for them. It is important to stimulate your rabbit’s senses to maintain its mental health. Playing allows your pet to develop its senses but also its intelligence. A healthy rabbit is a happy rabbit!

bunny cups

How to play with your rabbit?

Playing with your rabbit is easy and fun with these rabbit stacking cups. Place a few treats in the jars, stack them up for your bunny to grab and play! Your bunny will search for the treats you’ve hidden in the rabbit toy and go crazy for this new activity! You can also hide a single treat in one of the jars and place them on the floor. Your buns will go looking for the hidden treat! You’ll see, he always wins!

Rabbit toy cups

A digging toy for rabbits

The toy for rabbit stacking cups is a digging toy based on the same principle as the rabbit snuffle mat. It is a fun and sporty activity for your rabbit, as 10 minutes of play is enough to keep him healthy.

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More details:

  • Set of 8 pots of different sizes
  • Pastel colored pots
  • Plastic

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