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Rabbit litter box
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The 100% Clean litter box

Discover the Rabbit litter box | CleanBunny, the perfect solution for a healthy, clean environment for your bunny. Designed with hygiene in mind, this litter box ensures that your bunny’s paws stay clean. Some rabbits tend to lie down in their litter box or spend a lot of time there, which is not very hygienic. This rabbit litter tray is the perfect solution.

Rabbit litter box

This rabbit accessory features a separating grid that keeps a distance between your rabbitou and its waste. This separation is the key to preventing your rabbit from soiling its soft, silky coat. The large holes in the grid allow his droppings to fall easily into the tank below.

An easy-to-maintain planter

Rabbit litter box

Maintaining the Rabbit litter box | CleanBunny is child’s play. The removable drip tray can be removed in a single movement, making cleaning quick and hassle-free. For an extra touch of freshness, add hemp shavings to the drip tray: they’ll absorb odors and ensure a healthy, pleasant home for your bunny.

Rabbit litter box

Place this litter tray with grid in your rabbit’s enclosure or room. You can also place his hay on top to make it more pleasant for him. And yes, rabbits love to relieve themselves while eating their hay 😉 This is a practical tip to try out when potty training your rabbit.

Rabbit litter box | CleanBunny

Features :

Materials: Plastic
Size: W 41cm x L 30cm x H 16cm
Colors: Pink or Blue

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