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Straw rabbit carrot

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Straw rabbit carrot
Straw rabbit carrot 14,90  Original price was: 14,90 €.7,90 Current price is: 7,90 €.
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Rabbit lovers

Carrot nibbles for rabbits

Your rabbit needs to nibble every day for good dental health. With Straw rabbit carrot, your little bunny will be able to nibble on a good-quality natural product that will keep his teeth healthy.

Straw rabbit carrot

This non-toxic rabbit carrot is woven from natural dried herbs. So there’s no risk to your pet.

  • Maintains your rabbit’s teeth
  • Fights boredom
  • Fun toy to put in your rabbit’s enclosure
  • Natural fibers

A must-have rabbit toy

Our Straw rabbit carrot is the perfect toy for rabbits of all sizes. Your bunny will soon come sniffing and nibbling at it. This rabbit toy is essential as it provides a healthy and appropriate activity to satisfy his natural need to nibble. Your bunny will be entertained without the risk of damaging the furniture in your home.

Straw rabbit carrot

This carrot nibble is a great way to combat boredom in rabbits. Boredom can sometimes lead to destructive behavior, but with this stimulating carrot toy, your rabbit will find a fun and rewarding occupation. It’s a perfect choice for keeping your rabbit active and happy.


Materials: natural grass
Size: 20 x 4 cm

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Weight 90 kg