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Rabbit foraging mat: a fun and stimulating game

This rabbit foraging mat is a mini vegetable garden. It has several play elements for your pet bunny. All of them are embossed so that you can hide dry food or treats for your bunny to search for by smell, foraging and sniffing. When released into the wild, the dwarf bunny is able to find food under the ground using its sense of smell. It is therefore important to stimulate it!

Jeu pour lapin

A toy for bunnies that meets their needs

The rabbit foraging mat has a first strip with cabbages with all their leaves in relief, a second strip with carrots, which also have slots for even more difficult to find hiding places! Then there is a third strip with two ears of corn and finally a thicker, fuller strip of grass with green felt that rises above the mat (about 5cm / 1,9″). It’s a perfect toy for bunny!

rabbit toy

This toy for bunny is made especially for small pets and will be safe for your bunny. It is made of durable and resistant materials.

You can help keep your dwarf rabbit entertained by hiding its favourite treats in the corners of the mat! Bunnies are social animals that need to be entertained and stimulated, and this game is ideal to meet their needs!

Tapis de fouille pour lapin

Features of the rabbit foraging mat

  • Rabbit foraging mat in the shape of a mini vegetable garden
  • Entertaining and fun
  • Non-toxic, durable and resistant fabric
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Easy to wash
  • Size: Square shaped, the mat measures approximately 73 cm x 73 cm / 28,7″ x 28,7″
  • Color: The background is white and the mat has several colours: brown, orange, green and yellow.

To stimulate your rabbit’s natural instincts and encourage it to forage and explore, discover our range of rabbit foraging mats, designed to provide hours of healthy fun.