Rabbit litter tray hygienic


rabbit litter tray with grid large
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An ultra-hygienic rabbit litter tray with grid

Discover the revolution in the world of rabbit accessories: our Rabbit litter tray hygienic, specially designed to combine comfort and cleanliness. This accessory is a hygienic solution that keeps your rabbit’s living space clean and dry, while providing your little companion with a comfortable place of ease. 🐰✨


This rabbit litter is designed to make everyday life easier for bunny owners. With its removable grid, it separates the rabbit from its needs, reducing the risk of pododermatitis. This saves you valuable time and creates a healthier environment for your rabbit. Your bunny won’t come into contact with its own excrement.

A practical bunny accessory

Our Rabbit litter tray hygienic comes in two sizes, small and large, to fit your rabbit’s living space perfectly, whether it’s a dwarf or a larger rabbit. The ergonomic design of this bunny litter allows your rabbit to get in and out easily, making it perfect for all ages and physical conditions. 📐🔄

Rabbit litter tray hygienic

The grid surface is designed to be gentle on your rabbit’s paws, while ensuring that waste falls into the bottom tray. This helps keep your rabbit’s paws clean and dry, preventing the risk of irritation and infection.

When you choose our Litter Tray with Grid, you’re investing in your pet’s health and well-being. In addition to its hygienic role, it’s an essential accessory in the design of your rabbit’s living space, making potty training easier.

Features :

  • Available in 2 sizes: Large (57 x 45cm) and Small (31 x 38cm)

rabbit Litter Tray with Grid

To ensure your rabbit’s well-being and comfort, explore our wide range of rabbit accessories, adapted to all its needs.

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