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Toy for rabbit in wood

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  • Toy for rabbit
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Toy for rabbit in wood 9,90  Original price was: 9,90 €.4,90 Current price is: 4,90 €.
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Toy for rabbit in wood: the unavoidable

With this toy for rabbit in wood, your little pet can play and have fun while you are away. Your bunny can be very lonely when you’re away if there’s nothing to keep it occupied and forget about your absence. This rabbit chew toy will be a great addition to your rabbit’s environment to keep him entertained.

This wooden rabbit toy is perfect for your pet to play with when you are not at home. Consider it an investment to give your little friend something fun to do while you are at work or doing other things during the day.

Toy for rabbit in wood

Your pet will love shaking this wonderful rabbit toy, as the bells inside will arouse his curiosity. Your pet will also love to chew on this little toy, which will be great for wearing down its teeth. It is important that your rabbit maintains its teeth daily by eating hay and nibbling on various objects. This rabbit wooden chew toy is perfect for satisfying your rabbit’s desire to chew. Your chairs and doors will be safe with this chew toy.

More details about this toy:

Material: Wood, metal
Size: 7 x 5 cm / 2,75″ x 1,96″