Treats Ball | Rabbit Toy

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rabbit Treats Ball
Treats Ball | Rabbit Toy 17,90  9,90 

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A rabbit treat ball designed just for him

The “Bunzyland” treat ball is a revolution in the world of rabbit play. Specially designed to pique your buns curiosity, this ball isn’t just a toy, it’s an adventure in itself. Slip your rabbit’s favorite treats inside. Watch as your bunny becomes a little explorer, determined to release those coveted delights. Mental and physical stimulation, even when you’re away.

bunny treat ball game

A rabbit toy to improve quality of life

With a diameter of 7.5 cm, this Tasty Ball is just the right size for your rabbit to push and roll it around with ease.

rabbit toy ball-blue

This little rabbit game helps keep your bunny healthy. Every attempt to reach the treats is an exercise session in disguise, helping to keep your rabbit in shape. What’s more, this toy helps prevent boredom and stress, two enemies of your rabbit’s emotional health.

rabbit toy ball treat

This Treats Ball is the perfect gift for your pet. It enriches his daily life, keeping him active, happy and healthy. Give your rabbit an inexhaustible source of happiness with this magical ball, and enjoy watching him jump for joy!

Features :

Color: 2 different colors (Blue, Yellow)
Size: 7.5 cm (diameter)

For even more fun for your furry friend, discover our selection of rabbit toys specially designed for his well-being and enjoyment.

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