Rabbit snuffle mat


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Rabbit snuffle mat
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Digging mat: The new rabbit toy

The BunZyland Digging Mat is the perfect rabbit toy to keep your rabbit entertained. Rabbits are inquisitive by nature, and love to snoop and explore everything around them. This snooping game will keep your rabbit busy for hours. Just hide a few treats inside the rabbit digging mat and off you go to explore.

toy for rabbits

A game that contributes to the rabbit enrichment

The rabbit snuffle mat is the perfect solution to the boredom problem. Your little friend will be busy sniffing the treats you hide in the mat, so he won’t notice your prolonged absence. This rabbit toys uk is a good activity to stimulate his senses and intelligence, which helps him stay mentally healthy and fulfilled in his rabbit life. It is a great rabbit activity for young, old and even adult buns. So buy this forage mat for rabbits today to keep your pet healthy and happy!

foraging mat for rabbits

More details of this toy for rabbit:

  • Stimulates senses and intelligence
  • Preserves his mental health
  • Anti gluttony tip (allows your rabbit to eat less quickly)
  • Size: Diameter of about 45 cm / 17,7″
  • Materials: Felt
  • Color: Grey and White

To stimulate your rabbit’s natural instincts and encourage it to forage and explore, discover our range of rabbit foraging mats, designed to provide hours of healthy fun.