Rabbit house in straw


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Rabbit house in straw
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Rabbit house in straw: The home made of natural fibers

This rabbit house in straw will make a great home for your dwarf rabbit. The indoor rabbit house is made of intertwined grass branches, which your little pet will enjoy nibbling on from time to time. This rabbit home is the perfect habitat for your little friend. The hay house is made of intertwined grass branches that your rabbit will love to nibble on from time to time.

Rabbit house straw

A safe bunny home

Rabbits like to rest in quiet, dark places, so this straw house is perfect for them. Your pet will feel safe and well hidden in his home. This cute cottage has a door and holes in the bottom so your bunny can get out or look around. This shelter folds up very easily, so you can take it with you anywhere.

Rabbit house


More detail:

Material: Natural grass fibres

Size: 30cm x 20cm x 23cm / 11,81″ x 7,87″ x 9,05″


house for rabbits in staw

Give your rabbit a cozy home with our wide selection of comfortable, secure rabbit houses to meet all your little companion’s needs.

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