Hay ball for rabbits

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Nibbling hay ball for rabbits

The Rabbit Hay Ball is more than just a delicacy. Of course, this hay ball is suitable for big and small gourmets alike. Give your bunny or rabbit this hay toy that combines gustatory pleasure with dental care. It’s a natural treasure, a source of essential fiber that delights your darling’s senses while contributing to healthy digestion.

jouet pour lapin foin

Not only does this rabbit toy serve as a healthy snack, it’s also an interactive toy that stimulates your bunny’s physical activity. By rolling and nibbling this 10 cm diameter ball, your bunny gets exercise while enjoying a tasty treat. It’s a fun way to combat boredom and encourage natural foraging behavior.

Un jouet pour lapin en complément

boule foin pour lapin

This Rabbit Hay Ball is a must-have for all rabbit owners. Made from natural grass, this hay ball is the perfect choice for your bunny. Please note that this rabbit game does not replace the rabbit’s daily intake of hay. Although it’s essentially made of hay, this interactive toy serves as an extra to stimulate activity and greed. Classic hay should remain your rabbit’s main food.


  • Materials: Natural grass
  • Size: 10 cm

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