Toy for rabbit snuffle carrot


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Toy for rabbit carrot
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Toy for rabbit snuffle carrot : fun and entertaining

The toy for rabbit snuffle carrot is a great digging toys. This interactive rabbit toy stimulates your baby’s senses while entertaining and engaging their intelligence. Buns love to search and roam, especially when it comes to finding a big treat. They’re real gluttons, so this feeding mat is also great for making meal or treat time last.

Hide a few treats, such as small pieces of fruit or pellets, in the 4 cavities under the rabbit carrot toy. Place the rabbit enrichment toy on the floor or standing against a wall. Your bunny will soon come and get his favorite treats. This fun activity will benefit your rabbit by training his brain, concentration and patience. Yes, it’s a great toy for teaching him to deal with his frustrations! You’ll be amazed at how smart your rabbit is and how quickly he learns!

Toy for rabbit snuffle carrot

How to play with your rabbit?

This toy for rabbit snuffle carrot is a great activity for your holland lop. It will build trust between you and your pet and develop a positive relationship. Don’t hesitate to encourage your rabbit to look for treats. A word of advice: do not leave your rabbit unattended while playing with this toy, as it is not recommended for rabbits to swallow the fabric.

This fun interactive rabbit toy is easy to take with you anywhere because it doesn’t take up much space.

Toy for rabbit snuffle carrot

More details:
Materials: Fabric, cotton
Detail : Carrot-shaped digging mat with 4 treat slots
Care : Machine washable at 30°C.