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Rabbit nail clippers: practical and easy to use

Rabbit nail clippers are a must-have accessory when you have a rabbit at home.

First of all, it is very important to know that your little bunny is an animal that is constantly growing claws. And, being domesticated, your pet does not move around enough and does not dig burrows. Therefore, it does not use its claws in the same way as in the wild.

Indeed, to dig, his claws are indispensable! But when it comes to domestic rabbits, its claws must be maintained and trimmed regularly, otherwise it could get hurt.

Therefore, using this bunny nail clipper is clearly necessary for the well-being of your bun ☺

An essential rabbit accessory

Rabbit nail clippers are very easy to use. It looks like scissors, has high quality stainless steel blades and a non-slip TPR handle that fits comfortably in the hand. With this rabbit accessory, your long-eared friend will have the right claws for his home life.

This way, he won’t risk injuring himself or damaging your floor by doing what he loves: scratching the floor ☺

Moreover, we recommend you to ask your veterinarian, the right gestures to have when using this accessory for rabbit; because you have to be very careful with the blood line or vein that is at this level!

More details:

Ideal for cutting your rabbit’s nails

To ensure your rabbit’s well-being and comfort, explore our wide range of rabbit accessories, adapted to all its needs.

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