Fun toy for rabbit


  • Same principle as the rabbit foraging mat
  • Playful and fun
plush for rabbits
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Fun toy for rabbit  : A fun digging toy 

The fun toy for rabbit is a digging toy to stimulate your bun. This rabbit plush toy is a kind of puzzle, based on the same principle as the forage mat for rabbits. Every time your darling plays this rabbit toy it will positively affect his development and help him to grow. This interactive rabbit toy can be considered as a kind of treat feeder and it is a good technique to stimulate your pet.

snuffle mat for rabbits

This beautiful rabbit digging toy will keep your little friend entertained for hours while giving him mental exercise. It is also a plush that will reassure your pet, he will love to sleep beside it.

A toy in the same spirit as the foraging mat

This toy for rabbit is playful and fun. To make the rabbit digging toy fun, simply place your bunny’s favorite treats in the middle of this accordion. Your bunny will have to use his or her brain to get the treats hidden in the bunny toy.
This way, your little friend will look for his favorite treats, which will stimulate his thinking and senses. In addition, it allows him to make physical efforts that allow your rabbit to keep fit. This rabbit toy is ideal for the physical and mental development of your little friend.

More details:

  • 3 different styles: rabbit, koala, hippo
  • Materials : Fabric
  • Size: 30 x 20cm (11.8 x 7.9 in)

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For even more fun for your furry friend, discover our selection of rabbit toys specially designed for his well-being and enjoyment.

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Rabbit, Koala, Hippo