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rabbit house with fleece
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Indoor rabbit house with fleece : a cozy hideaway

The indoor rabbit house with fleece is cozy and padded. It is ideal for keeping your rabbit warm indoors during the long winter nights. The design of this rabbit bed is very well thought out and ideal for pet dwarf rabbits or holland lop. The rabbit house is shaped like a mini cave and will give your pet a real sense of security.

rabbit hideout

The house for rabbit is designed for indoor rabbits and/or dwarf rabbits. This mini bunny home is made of padded fabric, so it is ideal for your little pet’s comfort.
Your bunny will love resting in this soft and warm rabbit hideout. It will feel safe and secure!

The rabbit bed: a must-have!

This bed is very appreciated by our adorable little fur balls. Indeed, the animal instinct taking the upper hand, your little animal will love to sink into his little rabbit home in the shape of a cave. In addition, the fabric and padding used on this rabbit hideaway keep your pet rabbit warm.

bed for rabbits

The indoor rabbit house is truly essential to the well-being and development of your little rabbit. It also allows your faithful companion to have a place of his own in the house.

Indeed, it will not need to search or sleep, rest or hide if it is afraid… This hut is a real mini house for rabbit. It will be impregnated with his smell, which will reinforce his feeling of safety and quietude.

More details :

  • Materials: Soft fabric
  • Color: Available in light grey or orange
  • Size: l 38cm X L 28cm (14.96 in x 11.02 in)

Give your rabbit a cozy home with our wide selection of comfortable, secure rabbit houses to meet all your little companion’s needs.

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