Rabbit nail clippers with LED

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Rabbit nail clippers with LED: safe and ideal

Rabbit nail clippers with LED are a very important accessory to have when you have a rabbit at home. First of all, because your little friend can scratch hard and hurt itself! Secondly, you should know that bubs instinctively love to scratch the ground. If your rabbit’s nails get too long, it can damage the floor of the room (especially if it’s a wooden floor).

Rabbit nail clippers

So, as with any other pet, caring for and trimming your dwarf rabbit’s nails is essential to protect it from possible injury AND to preserve your floor and carpets.

This rabbit accessory is ideal and very practical for this purpose, as it has a small LED light that allows you to trim your rabbit’s nails, without any risk.

The best accessory for rabbits

Rabbit nail clippers with LED is very easy to use. It contains a small battery (like the one found in car keys). Just press the ON/OFF button to turn the light on

Rabbit nail clippers with LED

In addition, the LED light built into this rabbit accessory provides better visibility of the bloodline, which should not be reached. In fact, don’t hesitate to ask your vet before using this bunny nail clipper for the first time.

You should also know that this accessory contains a safety lock that allows you to fix the cutting blade.

More details:

  • Available colour: Blue
  • Integrated LED light

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