Enriching Rabbit Forage Mat


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Rabbit forage mat: enriching and playful

The enriching rabbit forage mat is one of the must-have accessories for spending playtime with your furry companion.

This toy for rabbits is ideal for stimulating your bunny’s various senses while offering them something they love: treats!

fun bunny toy

To play with your bunny, all you need to do is place their favorite treats underneath the small openings dedicated for this purpose. Your bunny will then have to sniff, scratch and nibble on their rabbit foraging mat to access what they desire.

rabbit toy digging mat

Ideal for strengthening the bonds of love and friendship that you have with your rabbit, this type of toy allows you to play with them for hours, which helps to reinforce their trust in you.

A lovely toy for rabbits

This enriching rabbit forage mat comes in the form of an anti-slip square fabric, which contains a basket with sewn-on carrots in relief on its surface.

It is at the level of the basket and the carrots where you should hide your bunny’s treats 🙂 Thus, even visually, the shapes present on this rabbit snuffle mat will be familiar to them.

rabbit search game

Note that the fact that this type of toy for rabbits is made of fabric makes it easy to clean, whether in a washing machine or by hand. This way, your bunny will have a clean play area on which they will have no difficulty eating.


  • Model: Rabbit Forage Mat with Carrots and Basket
  • Size: 70 x 70 cm / 27.5 x 27.5 in

To stimulate your rabbit’s natural instincts and encourage it to forage and explore, discover our range of rabbit foraging mats, designed to provide hours of healthy fun.