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Natural Rabbit Mat

Original price was: 49,90 €.Current price is: 39,90 €.

  • Floor mats for rabbits
  • Anti-pododermatitis


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Rabbit Mat natural
Natural Rabbit Mat 49,90  Original price was: 49,90 €.39,90 Current price is: 39,90 €.
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Sisal Rabbit Mat: Natural and comfortable

Discover the Natural Rabbit Mat, the soft touch that will transform your rabbit’s living space This mat, far from being a simple accessory, is an invitation to serenity for your little treasure, a place where your rabbit can stretch out, flop on its side and enjoy moments of relaxation. With its elegant look and pleasant texture, it offers your rabbit a cozy floor mat on which to bask.

sisal rabbit mat

Designed with the utmost care, this rabbit mat is designed for your pet’s comfort. It provides a soothing surface for his little paws, while adding a touch of natural elegance to your home. Its reassuring presence will be a real landmark for your rabbit, a place it will recognize and love.

natural rabbit mat

A floor mat perfect for scratching and doing your bunny thing

This natural rabbit mat is much more than just a bed; it’s a living space where your rabbit can indulge in his favorite activities. Whether it’s nibbling on a favorite treat or taking a nap, this mat will quickly become his favorite place. Its texture and the fact that it’s made from natural materials encourage your rabbit’s instinct to explore and play in complete safety.

natural rabbit mat sisal

And if your rabbit is one of those people who like to express their joy with cheerful little scratches, this floor mat is ideal. He can scratch and nibble on it without a care in the world, making it the perfect natural scratching post. This rabbit accessory is designed to meet your companion’s instinctive needs, providing a healthy and satisfying activity for his scratching urges.

Easy to place in any corner of your home, this sisal rug is also simple to maintain. Not only does it bring well-being to your eared friend, it also adds a natural aesthetic touch to your decor.🐇✨


  • Mats in natural sisal fibers
  • Suitable coating
  • Easily washable in cold water
  • Anti-pododermatitis
  • Sizes: 50x80cm
  • Color: Natural (light brown)

Tapis de sol pour lapin

Discover our collection of rabbit mats, perfect for your little companion’s comfort, for a pleasant, suitable play or rest area.

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