Trio of bunny balls


  • Rabbit toy
  • 3 nibble balls
  • Natural

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balls for rabbits
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Rabbit lovers

Trio of bunny balls: a bunny-friendly nibbling game

The Rabbit Ball Trio is the perfect play set to brighten up your bunny’s day. Not only are these balls fun to push and roll, they’re also made from natural materials that are safe for your rabbit. Each ball offers a unique play experience, guaranteeing hours of entertainment.

set of balls for rabbits

This rabbit nibble set is also ideal for chewing. The balls are made from safe, natural materials, allowing your rabbit to nibble on them without worry. It’s a great way to satisfy your rabbit’s natural nibbling instinct while providing a source of entertainment.
Rabbits love to nibble, sometimes even attacking your furniture. So it’s best to give him this rabbit toy to satisfy his nibbling cravings.

bunny balls

A must-have rabbit toy

Our Trio of rabbit balls is designed to stimulate your rabbit’s physical activity and curiosity. They’re perfect for encouraging your rabbit to move around, exploring its environment while playing. The different textures and colors of the balls captivate your rabbit’s interest, keeping him engaged and happy.

bunny nibbles

This toy for rabbits is perfect for sharing moments of laughter and play with your bunny. These playful moments strengthen your bond and fill your days with joy and complicity.

Place this set of balls in your rabbit’s enclosure, either suspended or on the floor, and your bunny will soon come to sniff and taste them. 😄


  • Materials: Made from natural, rabbit-safe materials
  • Size: 7.5 cm
  • Set of 3 balls