Intelligent rabbit toy


  • A fun game
  • Ideal for playing with your rabbit
  • Suitable for young and older rabbits

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intelligent toy for rabbits
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Rabbit lovers

The Smart Rabbit Toy that awakens your bunny’s mind

Give your bunny the Smart Rabbit Toy and watch him blossom. This puzzle is a fun brainteaser, with colorful pieces and secret hiding places. It’s the perfect game to stimulate your bunny’s agile mind.

Your little friend will love the variety and challenge of this rabbit game. Each session is a new opportunity for learning and fun. It’s the perfect way to stimulate your rabbit’s agile mind and watch him interact with his environment in a totally new and exciting way.

In this rabbit toy, every hidden treat is a surprise to be discovered. Your bunny will become an intrepid explorer, eagerly searching for his reward. This game not only develops their intelligence, but also their sense of smell and problem-solving skills. It’s the perfect activity to combat rabbit boredom and awaken their senses and intelligence.
Hidden treats are also an excellent way of rewarding your rabbit for its lively, inquisitive mind.

A rabbit activity to share

Playing with this Smart Rabbit Toy isn’t just fun for your bunny – it’s an adventure for both of you.
By interacting with the puzzle, you create strong bonds and happy memories. Your active participation in the game makes the experience even more rewarding for your bunny. It allows you to closely observe his behavior and reactions. Each play session is a new opportunity for laughter and complicity, strengthening the emotional bond between you and your little companion.

It’s also a safe, designer object. Made from quality materials, this puzzle is durable and safe for your little companion.

Features :

  • Materials: Wood
  • Size: 23.5 x 21 x 2.5cm
  • Design: Colorful and engaging, ideal for arousing your rabbit’s curiosity.