Large natural bunny house


  • Natural and healthy for your rabbit
  • Comfortable hideaway
  • A soft bed for napping

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natural rabbit house
Large natural bunny house 64,90 
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Natural rabbit house: a cozy place to rest

The Natural Rabbit House is a cocoon of tranquility for your rabbit. Its unique triangular shape creates a reassuring environment, perfect for naps and hours of relaxation. Imagine your bunny slipping into this rabbit hideaway, his little paws slipping into this cozy refuge, his little nose quivering with happiness. It’s the ideal place to hide, play and recharge.

Made from natural, hard-wearing and safe materials, this kind of rabbit house can support your bunny’s little teeth. Your little companion can satisfy his nibbling instinct (in moderation, of course) while enjoying his own personal space.

The shape of this rabbit hut is also reminiscent of a tunnel. The small integrated window is not just a charming feature. It allows your rabbit to observe his little world, as well as being a convenient access point. Your bunny is sure to love running in and out of this fun hideaway.

A bunny house with a comfortable bed

At the heart of the Natural Rabbit House is a little treasure: a soft, comfortable mattress. This little bed, specially designed for your rabbit’s well-being, offers a soft surface to rest on. It helps create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, inviting your rabbit to relax and unwind.
This extra comfort is essential for restful moments, helping your rabbitou to feel safe and comfortable. The rabbit bed is also good for your furball’s joints, providing gentle support and reducing pressure on its little body.

Features :

  • Materials: Made from natural materials (eelgrass)
  • Size: W 50 x L 30 x H 27cm (suitable for most rabbits and all dwarf rabbits)
  • Color: Natural