Playful rabbit toy


  • Intelligence game
  • Ideal for gourmet bunnies
  • An activity to share with him

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Rabbit lovers

Playful Rabbit Toy: an activity to awaken and entertain your rabbit

Our Playful Rabbit Toy is a real adventure for your rabbit’s senses. This wooden rabbit toy, with its various hiding places and small balls, is an ideal intelligence toy to stimulate your pet’s curiosity. Each compartment can be filled with treats or small pieces of vegetable, creating a captivating and rewarding search experience for your bunny.
Your rabbit will love exploring each hiding place, using his flair and intelligence to unearth the hidden rewards.

Fun bunny toy

This rabbit intelligence toy is designed to develop your rabbit’s cognitive and sensory skills. By searching for hidden treats, your rabbit gets to work on his brain, which is essential for his mental health. This activity also stimulates physical activity, helping your bunny to stay fit and active. The process of discovery and reward encourages natural forage behavior, while providing a rewarding form of entertainment.

A rabbit game for hours of fun and bonding

How do you play the game? Simply hide the treats in the puzzle compartments and watch your rabbit become a little detective. You can also regularly change the location of the treats, creating a new challenge each time. It’s the perfect toy to keep your rabbit active and happy!

It’s also the perfect opportunity to share quality time with your bunny. By observing and participating in the game, you strengthen the emotional bond with your rabbit. These shared moments are precious for the emotional well-being of your little companion. It’s also a unique chance for you to see his intelligence and mischief in action.😉

Features :

  • Materials: Wood
  • Size: 19.7 x 19.7 x 2.5cm