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A rabbit scratching post in the shape of a carrot

The rabbit scratching post carrot is an accessory that will literally change your little pet’s life. First of all, because rabbits instinctively love to scratch. So this rabbit accessory will allow your rabbit to let off steam and satisfy its desire to scratch.

scratching post for rabbit

Instead of scratching the floor or looking for a place or piece of furniture to do it, your beloved rabbit can scratch this rabbit tree and wear out its claws. In addition, this bunny accessory is more durable than conventional cardboard scratchers.

NB: We would like to remind you, however, that you should regularly trim your rabbit’s small claws before they become too long and cause him problems in his daily life.

scratching post for rabbit

A 2in1 rabbit tree

This carrot rabbit scratching post is a rabbit accessory designed and manufactured from hemp rope. Thanks to this natural and non-toxic material, this rabbit accessory can be both a scratching post AND a chewing object.

Indeed, your dwarf rabbit will certainly try to nibble on this rabbit carrot tree. Besides, chewing on various objects is one of the favourite activities of rabbits. 😊 But don’t worry, it’s not dangerous for him, quite the opposite. It can also help maintain his teeth.

scratching post for rabbit

In addition, the design of this accessory for rabbits, in the shape of a giant carrot, is a real decorative object that will look great in your pet’s enclosure or in any room of your house.

More details:

  • Model: Carrot
  • Size: 26 x 29 cm (10.24 x 11.42 in)
  • Materials: Hemp

scratching post for rabbit

If you’re looking for a vertical space for your rabbit to climb and explore, take a look at our rabbit tree collection specially designed to stimulate his natural instincts.