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Rabbit brush with comb

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  • Rabbit accessory
  • Perfect for rabbit moulting

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rabbit brush pink
Rabbit brush with comb 19,90  Original price was: 19,90 €.8,90 Current price is: 8,90 €.
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Rabbit brush: a practical accessory with a comb

Rabbit brush with comb is perfect for regular brushing and grooming of your rabbit without hurting it. This rabbit accessory allows you to remove dead hair from your rabbit, untangle any knots and encourage the growth of new hair.

rabbit brush

Moreover, and especially during the moulting period, it is strongly recommended to brush your rabbit daily, because if the hair is ingested, it can slow down or even stop the transit… And this is fatal for buns!

Therefore, brushing your dwarf rabbit regularly, with an appropriate brush, will allow the hair to grow back in a healthy way and preserve the good health of your pet. His coat will be shiny and silky, whatever the season ☺

Rabbit grooming accessories

This rabbit brush is very practical for everyday use. The handle of this bunny accessory is easy to grip and has ultra fine metal teeth that allow you to pick up dead hair without hurting your pet.

brush for rabbits

Easy to clean thanks to the mini plastic rabbit comb that comes with it, this rabbit supply also promotes your rabbit’s blood circulation and gives him an instant feeling of well-being.

By brushing your rabbit with this brush with comb, you are strengthening your relationship and reinforcing your rabbit’s trust in you.

Note: This wire brush will pick up dead hair right down to the roots. It is very effective, and you don’t need to apply pressure for it to work.

More details:

  • Colour: Pink
  • Size: The brush head is 5,5cm

To ensure your rabbit’s well-being and comfort, explore our wide range of rabbit accessories, adapted to all its needs.

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