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Rabbit toy: an irresistible carrot to chew

This rabbit toy to chew set made of natural rope is perfect for satisfying your long-eared friend’s nibbling urge. First of all, you should know that chewing is a normal behaviour for rabbits. And unfortunately, if he doesn’t have an rabbit chew toy, he may attack the carpets and other objects in the house…

rabbit toy to chew

This is not without risk to your pet’s health. This toy for rabbits will prevent your rabbit from chewing or nibbling on something that could harm it. However, we would like to remind you that although this rabbit toy is edible, it is not a substitute for your bun’s basic diet, which is hay.

However, this good rabbit toy can be considered as a healthy treat, which also contributes to the maintenance of your pet’s teeth.

A natural bunny toy

This rabbit chew toy is shaped like a woven stick made from natural herbs. It is safe for your pet, even helps to improve its chewing habits and build up its jaw muscles. Just give this bunny toy to your pet and see how happy he will be chewing on it for hours. 😊

chew toy for rabbit

This type of rabbit play helps to reduce boredom and anxiety. So you can be sure that your long-eared friend will be the happiest of buns with this rabbit snack toy.

More details:

  • Set of 2 pieces
  • Size: 23 x 3 cm
  • Materials: Natural herbs

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