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Straw rabbit hut

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rabbit straw house
Straw rabbit hut 39,90  Original price was: 39,90 €.19,90 Current price is: 19,90 €.
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Straw rabbit hut: a natural house

The straw rabbit hut is a small tunnel made from 100% natural and sustainable materials. It is a real cosy little nest that will make your rabbit happy. Indeed, this rabbit hideaway is perfect for optimising the mental well-being of your dwarf rabbit. It will instinctively remind him of a real rabbit’s nest. This way, your bunnt will be able to hide in it and feel safe, so that it can rest and sleep for long hours in peace and quiet.

Straw rabbit hut

Moreover, buns love this kind of hiding place, as it inspires them with the shape of a burrow, synonymous with safety and serenity. Because of its tunnel shape, this rabbit nest also provides entertainment for your pet, who can play in and out of both sides.

Straw rabbit house

A real rabbit nest

The straw rabbit house is covered with natural linen. The combination of straw and linen creates a mixture that is resistant to possible bites and scratches. Indeed, you may have noticed that your bunny loves to chew on everything that comes under his paw. 😊 Well, being made of natural and durable materials, this rabbit home is not a health hazard for your dwarf rabbit.

Straw rabbit house

And don’t worry, nibbling is a perfectly normal behaviour for buns. In fact, it’s one of their favourite activities ☺

Its raw and natural look is ideal to place in your pet’s pen.

More details:

  • Materials : Straw + Linen
  • Size: 38 x 19 x 16 CM

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