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Toy for rabbit: a stimulant snuffle mat

This toy for rabbit snuffle mat is one of the best ways to entertain your pet. This rabbit toy develops your pet’s senses, intelligence and alertness. All this while having fun and a good time. It also helps your rabbit to fight boredom and the anxiety that can result from it.

snuffle mat for rabbit

In addition to the mental well-being of your bunny, this rabbit foraging mat provides your furry friend with physical activity, keeping him fit and healthy.

This type of bunny toy helps to create a bond between you and your faithful companion and to maintain the trust that he has in you.

How to use this rabbit toy?

This stimulating rabbit digging toy is very entertaining and super easy to use. To play with your bunny, you place his favourite treats all over the place between the fabric strips. Your bunny will then happily search his mat and find them one by one.

rabbit snuffle mat

In addition, this rabbit enrichment toy has a multitude of possible hiding places for its treats. This colourful rabbit toy will attract your rabbit’s attention and he will be able to play with it for hours. The toy is also non-slip, so it won’t slip during the digging sessions.

Last but not least, this rabbit snuffle mat is made of fabric, so it will be very easy to wash and maintain. The underside of the mat is also non-slip.

snuffle mat bunny

More details:

  • Materials: Soft fabric
  • Size: 70 x 40 cm ( 27.56 x 15.75 in)

To stimulate your rabbit’s natural instincts and encourage it to forage and explore, discover our range of rabbit foraging mats, designed to provide hours of healthy fun.