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  • No toxic

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carrot chew toy
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Toy for rabbit to chew carrot-shaped 

This toy for rabbit to chew in the shape of an orange carrot is an ultra fun accessory. Its bright and intense colours will attract your bunny to play with it; and he can do this for hours… 😊

First of all, you should know that chewing is a completely normal behaviour for rabbits… They love to chew on everything they can get their hands on, at the risk of hurting themselves: carpets and different furniture and objects in the house…

Carrot Rabbit Toy

Therefore, this rabbit chew toy allows them to satisfy their craving and need to nibble, without hurting themselves!

rabbit chew toy

This rabbit toy is made from loofah or loofah. This is a natural sponge from a climbing plant. We mention this because its natural origin makes it clear that this carrot rabbit snack toy is completely edible. 😊

The best bunny toy

toys for rabbits chew toys

This toy for bunny is perfect for entertaining and amusing your long-eared friend. It can be chewed on the ground or hung from its enclosure with a string. Note, however, that this natural rabbit toy is by no means a substitute for his main food, which is hay; you can think of it as a simple treat or as an extra help.

carrot for rabbit toy

Last but not least, this rabbit chew contributes to the hygiene of your rabbit’s little teeth.

More details:

  • Model: Carrot
  • Number of pieces: 1
  • Materials : Luffa (natural material)
  • No toxic

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