Wooden Rabbit Hay Feeder


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Wooden rabbit rack
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A practical wooden rabbit hay feeder

The wooden rabbit hay feeder is an essential accessory to have when adopting a pet rabbit.

This rabbit feeder is designed to hold a sufficient amount of hay, which can feed your beloved bunny for several hours, or even a full day. This is especially useful when you have to leave your pet alone while you go to work.

wooden rabbit hay rack

Hay is a crucial part of a rabbit’s diet as it provides a significant portion of the fiber necessary to maintain a healthy and regular digestion. By using this rabbit hay rack, you can keep the hay clean and dry, preventing it from becoming soiled or wet.

Furthermore, this feeder for rabbits allows your furry little friend to eat at their own pace, avoiding any potential problems with overeating.

Easy-to-install hay rack

This wooden rabbit hay feeder is a perfect accessory for indoor pet rabbits. Made from solid, durable, and non-toxic wood, this rabbit accessory can be placed directly on the floor of your bunny’s enclosure or outside.

The feeder’s narrow openings prevent a large quantity of hay from spilling out or falling to the ground. In summary, this hay feeder for rabbits is a practical accessory to ensure that your pet bunny receives adequate and healthy nutrition.


  • Size: 17 cm in height x 15.5 cm in length (6.7 in x 6.1 in). The feeder has a width of 5 cm (2in) at the bottom and 10 cm (4in) at the top.

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