Cooling cactus rabbit mat


  • Non-toxic for rabbits
  • Keeps cool with ice packs
  • Made by hand

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rabbit cooling mat
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A non-toxic, cactus-printed cooling bunny mat

The refreshing cactus bunny mat is an essential accessory for hot summer days. It’s a “Bunzyland” exclusive and the ultimate cooling mat. It contains no gel, unlike the usual rabbit mats.


Non-toxic, this rabbit bed is safe for your faithful companion. In fact, this rabbit bed features an opening in the middle of the mat to hold two supplied ice packs. It’s the perfect trick to help keep your bunny cool on hot summer days.

Tapis-rafraichissant-lapin non toxique

Put the ice packs in the freezer for a few minutes, then easily insert them into the bunny mat through the opening provided. Your bunny will love lying down and enjoying the coolness of the refreshing mat!

tapis rafraichissant cactus

A rabbit bed to prevent heatstroke

The cooling rabbit mat is a great way to beat the summer heat. This bed for rabbits stays cool thanks to the ice packs inside. Rabbits can’t stand heat, especially above 25°C. Thanks to this rabbit bed, your little pet will be able to enjoy the coolness it gives off, which will help prevent heatstroke. 😊


This snuggle bed for bunnies is a favorite with rabbits. With its flattened middle and padded sides, this bunny bed makes your darling feel safe and secure. It also gives him a comforting feeling of being snuggled up against something.

Despite the high temperatures, your bunny will feel totally serene as he faces the summer.


Your rabbit will love doing uncontrollable flops on this refreshing rabbit mat. He’ll suddenly fall on his side to simply tell you he’s happy. 😊

As we think of all, this rabbit mat is also removable and easy to care for! 😉


  • Color: White with cactus prints
  • 2 ice packs included + terry towel
  • Materials: Thick cotton, soft fabric + canva
  • Size M: 50 x 38cm

To help your rabbit stay cool on hot days, take a look at our selection of cooling rabbit mats, specially designed for his thermal well-being.

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