Natural rabbit toy


  • Snack game
  • 100% Natural

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A rabbit toy with nibbling branches

The natural rabbit toy is a nibbling accessory made from apple tree branches wrapped in natural braided grass. This dwarf rabbit toy is the perfect gift for your rabbit. He’ll be able to play with it while nibbling. This rabbit nibble is made from wood strung with natural grass. It’s sure to satisfy your little companion’s nibbling cravings, while preventing him from chewing on harmful objects such as plastic. As you can see, rabbits love to nibble, and it’s one of their favorite pastimes… so it’s a good idea to give your pet a rabbit item specially designed for this purpose!

Twigs and string: MIAM

The natural rabbit toy with twigs attached by a natural rope represents everything rabbits love, all in one object. In fact, it’s one of rabbits’ favorite toys, as it allows them to play and have fun, while chewing on materials they love. Some rabbit toys are made entirely of rope, others entirely of wood, but this rabbit chew toy combines both, much to your little furball’s delight. What’s more, nibbling on this rabbit toy helps your rabbit maintain good dental hygiene.

Please note, however, that this natural rabbit toy in no way replaces your rabbit’s main food, namely hay, but is more of a treat.


  • Materials: natural wood (Apple tree) + woven natural grasses
  • Size: 15cm

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