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  • A rabbit mat comfortable for the paws
  • Perfect rabbit flooring

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Rabbit blanket : a mat multifunctional and fleecy

This rabbit blanket is fleecy and can be used as a flooring for indoor rabbit cage, ideal for transporting your pet. It can also be used as a rabbit mat or a bed.

The mat for rabbit can also be used as an pen for your little pet. Its soft texture will provide a cosy and comfortable place for your rabbit to live. Buns love this type of fleece and soft texture.

floor rabbit mat

This bed for rabbits can be used as a super cocooning blanket. Your rabbit will love to snuggle up and sleep for hours on end.

This fleece blankets for rabbits will undoubtedly contribute to the mental well-being of your faithful companion. Your rabbit will not need to look for a place to rest and/or sleep and lounge around, because this multifunctional, soft rug will be his little corner of paradise.

An ideal accessory for your rabbit’s pen

The multi-functional fleece rabbit blanket is perfect for varying the floor texture of your long-eared friend’s playpen. You can place this rabbit bed on the floor of the enclosure. This way you can protect the sensitive little paws of your cute little fur ball.

rabbit cover

Buns do not have pads to protect their feet. The latter, in direct contact with a hard floor or the grid of a pen, can irritate the arch of the foot, with the risk of developing pododermatitis.

Therefore, by using this rabbit flooring, you will preserve the physical health of your little rabbit.

Caractéristiques :

  • Available color : Carrot Yellow
  • Size : 75 x 100 cm / 29.53 x 39.37 in
  • Materials : Soft fabric + Cotton

Discover our collection of rabbit mats, perfect for your little companion’s comfort, for a pleasant and suitable play or rest area.

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