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Toy for rabbit stimulating

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Toy for rabbit stimulating
Toy for rabbit stimulating 39,90  Original price was: 39,90 €.19,90 Current price is: 19,90 €.
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Toy for rabbit: stimulating and playful

With the toy for rabbit stimulating, entertaining and playing with your bunny will become a joyful activity that you yourself will look forward to doing. To play with this rabbit toy in a fun way, simply pour his favorite treats into the dedicated hole and spin the wheel to hide them! It sounds simple, but guess who will love it?! Well yes, your little ball of fur, of course! He will understand very quickly that you have to turn the wooden circle to get the treats !

Stimulating rabbit toy

With this interactive rabbit toy, your bun will spend hours having fun and searching for his treats. With rabbit foraging toys, help your faithful friend have fun while developing his skills.

Digging toys for rabbits

This stimulating rabbit toy that is based on digging toys will be very beneficial for your pet. It allows him to develop his senses and improve his physical and mental abilities, both. Rabbit enrichment toys are a real hobby that your pet will surely love. This toy for rabbit will keep your little friend entertained and amused, as you probably know, he is a great player! Logic toys for rabbits are also very beneficial to your rabbit’s overall well-being. It’s a fun and playful activity, perfect to do with your rabbit to keep it occupied and entertained.

toys for rabbits

The wooden toys for rabbits toy also allows your little bunny to make physical efforts and work his brain at the same time. This is a great help in the development of your dear rabbit.

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  • Materials: 100% Natural Wood
  • No Toxic

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