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Yellow rabbit house

Original price was: 34,90 €.Current price is: 29,90 €.

  • Rabbit hideout
  • In the shape of a tunnel

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rabbit house yellow
Yellow rabbit house 34,90  Original price was: 34,90 €.29,90 Current price is: 29,90 €.
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Yellow rabbit house: Modifiable and Cushioned

The Yellow rabbit house is a rabbit mat that takes the shape of a tunnel or a small house once closed. An ideal accessory to offer to your furry little friend, combining both rest and play!

Indeed, this indoor rabbit house is presented as a fluffy mat that has a zipper on the side. This allows it to transform into a mini tunnel. Once the tunnel is formed, you have the option to leave it open on both sides, or close one of the exits with the provided half-circle piece.

rabbit house

Moreover, this rabbit bedding has a small ball attached with a string, so your cute little ball of fur can play.

If your rabbit is not playing, they can snuggle against the soft and fluffy walls of their rabbit mat and sleep peacefully for hours.

A Cozy Hideaway for Your Rabbit

More than just a simple yellow rabbit house, this bunny bed is made with a soft and pleasant fabric that will delight your pet.

rabbit hideaway

Once closed, this bunny house will provide your pet with the same feeling as a burrow. A sort of rabbit hideaway where they can sleep, lounge in complete serenity and where they can retreat if they’re scared.

Finally, note that the fact that it’s entirely made of fabric makes it easy to wash, whether by hand or machine, at low temperature.



  • Size: 50cm x 35cm x 30cm / inches : (19.7 x 13.8 x 11.8)
  • Color: Yellow with ice creams pattern”

yellow rabbit house

Give your rabbit a cozy home with our wide selection of comfortable, secure rabbit houses to meet all your little companion’s needs.