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Rabbit cooling mat with gel

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rabbit cooling mat orange
Rabbit cooling mat with gel 64,90  Original price was: 64,90 €.44,90 Current price is: 44,90 €.
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A refreshing round rabbit mat

This refreshing rabbit mat is a comfortable, round-shaped rabbit bed that contains a special gel. The gel in the center of the rabbit mat instantly cools your pet during the hot summer weather.

cooling mat for rabbits

This special heatwave rabbit bedding, can stay cool for long hours to ensure maximum thermal comfort for your rabbitou. What’s more, its flattened shape in the middle (the source of coolness) and the padding around it, will give him a space all his own, well-defined and cozy, just the way he likes it. 😊

rabbit cooling mat

How to refresh a rabbit?

The cooling rabbit mat is perfect for the physical and mental well-being of your little bunny. After all, rabbits don’t like or tolerate high temperatures. Whether indoors or outdoors, you’ll notice that during the summer months, your long-eared friend is constantly on the lookout for cool, shady places to cool off.

bed for rabbits for summer

This refreshing rabbit bed helps to keep your little furball comfortable, and prevents heatstroke.

It’s true that this rabbit cushion brings coolness to your dwarf rabbit’s little body. But it can’t be his only source of coolness in summer. To refresh your dear little bunny, we recommend changing his water regularly, moistening his ears or even giving him a quick grooming.

Precautions for use :

Use of this cooling mat for rabbits must be supervised. Rabbits have claws and love to nibble… The flat part of the mat contains a special, non-eatable gel.


Features :

  • Available color: Carrot
  • Available shape: Round
  • Size: 25cm inside and 43cm total diameter (16.93 inches)

To help your rabbit stay cool on hot days, take a look at our selection of cooling rabbit mats, specially designed for his thermal well-being.