Rabbit collar – Lemon


  • Accessory for rabbit
  • Ideal after sterilization
  • Anti-scratching

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rabbit collar
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Rabbit Collar: Tailored to fit your bunny

The Rabbit collar – Lemon is an accessory for bunny that helps prevent your bunny from touching a wound or scratching after a surgical procedure, such as sterilization, for example.

Indeed, this rabbit accessory creates a barrier that limits your little companion’s access to the rest of their body.

rabbit collar

As you may have guessed, thanks to this bunny collar, in case of injury, your beloved pet will neither be able to scratch nor nibble, let alone worsen the injury.

An essential rabbit accessory for small boo-boos

This Rabbit collar – Lemon is very easy to use! Simply slide it over your bunny’s neck and tighten the cord that is there. Make sure there is enough space so that they do not strangle themselves, but also that they do not lose it.

In terms of aesthetics, note that this rabbit accessory is made with an ultra-soft fabric that contains durable cotton for maximum comfort.

rabbit collar

Offered with a colorful and funky pattern with yellow lemons on a turquoise blue background, this rabbit collar will make your bunny the darling at the vet 🙂

Finally, note that this type of bunny accessory is much more comfortable for them compared to the alternative cat collar. The latter comes in the form of a plastic funnel, which can impair the animal’s vision and make them uncomfortable.


  • Adjustable size: up to 19 cm (size of the rabbit’s neck circumference)
  • Color: lemon pattern
  • Suitable for dwarf rabbits, dwarf lops, and rabbits with a neck circumference of up to 19 cm”

To ensure your rabbit’s well-being and comfort, explore our wide range of rabbit accessories, adapted to all its needs.