Toy for rabbit foraging ball


  • Inspired by the rabbit foraging mat
  • Rabbit ball playful and fun
rabbit snuffle ball grey
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Toy for rabbit: An entertaining foraging ball

This toy for rabbit foraging ball is a kind of rabbit digging toy that will stimulate and entertain your pet. In fact, this rabbit toy is not just a ball to roll around… Although it helps to keep your rabbit fit, this rabbit ball has 6 mini-pockets that can hold your cute little fur ball’s favourite treats!

So he can play and enjoy himself at the same time.

Fun rabbit toy

The best interactive rabbit toy

This entertaining rabbit toy is ideal for developing the intelligence and physical skills of your long-eared friend.


Since the shape of this toy for bunnies is not quite round, it will be difficult to roll like a simple ball… Nevertheless, it will make the task even more interesting and entertaining for your rabbit. With 6 small hiding places all around the object, the bun search mat inspired game will strongly contribute to develop your pet’s sense of analysis. The slightly challenging aspect of the game will keep your rabbit entertained for hours!

rabbit ball

In addition, playing with a interactive rabbit toy of this type also helps to keep your little furball physically fit. When looking for small pieces of dried apple or cranberry that you have hidden, your bunny will happily sniff and turn his toy over so he can find and enjoy his treats ☺

So, having physical activity while playing takes a lot of effort from a tiny dwarf rabbit. But, don’t worry, quite the opposite! It will help him to stay fit for a very long time.

rabbit ball

More details:

  • Available colours: Blue and Grey
  • Size: 15 cm (5.91 in)

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Blue, Grey